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Olores - Room & Linen Spray

Olores - Room & Linen Spray

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FLEURS - Velvety and sweet floral bouquet of Honeysuckle, Neroli, Jasmine, Frangipani with hints of Grape, Pine lounging on a smooth base of cedar wood.

LADAN - Intricate base notes of Labdanum blended with middle notes of cedar, finishing with top notes of mandarin, encased in slushy depths of powdery musk.

LEMONGRASS - Notes of tangy lemongrass, spicy ginger roots, zesty lime and a hint of eucalyptus. 

This air & linen freshener sprays elegantly provides a regulated and reliable fragrance dispersion in any room. Cosmetic-grade and alcohol free, and can be used on fabrics (patch test on a small section before use on fabric).

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